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Do you want to promote your company in addition to using business cards and flyers? If the answer is yes and you have the money, think about getting outdoor company signs. Both the types of outdoor signs and the creative possibilities you may take advantage of employing them are virtually endless.

What Kinds of Materials are Used for Signage?

A full-service sign company creates signage for your business using high-quality materials. Among those material choices are:

  • Acrylic

  • Aluminum

  • Sculpted wood

  • Fabric

  • Metal

  • Neon

  • Plastic

  • PVC

  • Vinyl

What Business Sign Types Are There?

Before choosing your custom signs, you must first know all your options. For every need, there are numerous indoor and storefront sign solutions available. Here are the types of outdoor business signs you can choose from:



This phrase serves as a catch-all for a variety of commercial signs. All the stickers and decals you see on a store’s glass walls and flooring are considered window and floor graphics. These graphics are perfect to be placed within, or sometimes outside, your business location. They can range from a basic logo of your brand to interesting offers, discounts, and promotions. The easiest way to draw in both current and potential clients to your business is using window decals. It’s quite challenging to overlook the vibrant colors and appealing design. When floor graphics are used to point customers in the right direction within your store, they once more serve as helpful instructional signage. These simple-to-design and simple-to-sign items are relatively affordable and provide a high level of customization. You can keep replacing these signs with new ones as needed, depending on your needs.

Vehicle Graphics


Vehicle Wrap - vehicle wraps idaho falls

Utilizing vehicle graphic signage like bumper stickers allows you to move a little bit away from the physical location of your business while still promoting and marketing your brand. It’s similar to turning your car—or any other vehicle—into a moving billboard that promotes your company. You can simply change to using vehicle graphics, which are frequently visible to people. You must have seen advertisements on buses, trains, or private cars. We are specifically referring to that. Just buy your spots on the vehicle of your choice, create the proper graphics in the appropriate size, and apply them on the vehicle. Next, your brand’s name and other messaging will travel with the vehicle wherever it goes.

Wall Signs


Wall signs are the first type of business signage you should think about and obtain. You can put this signage inside or outside of your office or commercial space. Wall signs can be made in a variety of creative ways. These signs, which are available in a range of sizes and shapes, can be used. Additionally, they can be illuminated from the inside, from the back, or from lights that shine on the sign. The images and messages you want to include on these company signages can be highly customized on these signs to any extent. These signs can be customized based on the message you want to convey and the personality of your company. Wall signs can be used to promote a new product line or service, showcase your tagline, feature a brand ambassador, or just display the name of your company.

Roll-up Banners


Roll-up banners and standee banners are excellent choices for portable company signs that are also quite affordable. These signs are economical since they may be used again after being regularly utilized for more than five years. When you have a new offer to promoting or a new statement to make, all you need to do is replace the banner or inserts. The standee’s frame doesn’t change. Additionally, you may put these portable business signs for outdoor use or in any place within or outside the building where your company is located. You can practically put any information or promotion on the banners due to the vast area available. Roll-up banners make it simple to advertise everything from the main features of your company to the newest offers.

Informational Signage


Informational signs are a must for you if you own a large establishment like a mall or department shop. Departmental, directional, organizational, or wayfinding signage are other names for informational signage. These signs are created and put up, as the other titles imply, to aid customers in understanding the various departments within the store. These signs help in navigation and assist individuals to find their way. The signs that point you in the direction of the restrooms, pantry, exit, emergency exit, elevator, or a particular store or area in your area are examples of instructional signage. These signs often include some messages so that people may read them while driving. Some of the popular business signs use large, bold typography and bright color palettes.

All these business signages are highly effective and successful when you fully utilize them properly. You just need to look for the right sign company to create and print these business signs flawlessly so that you can start advertising your brand or particular offers.

Looking For Sign Companies In Idaho Falls To Promote Your Business? Choose IF Signs


Anything you need to be designed, including banners, aluminum signs, vinyl banners, rigid signs, displays, roadside signs, and any other outdoor sign options, IF Signs can help you. 

We also provide vehicle wrapping services so you can use your car as a mobile billboard for your company.  Just give us a call, and we’ll set up an appointment for you. We can start making your personalized sign as soon as you bring in the photographs you want to us. We also provide services in Rexburg, Blackfoot, and Pocatello.

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