Vehicle Wraps For Trucks

Vehicle Wrap - vehicle wraps idaho falls

Imagine a design that takes up the entire side of a vehicle. Everyone who passes the vehicle, whether it’s on the road or parked, will see the design. Business owners may want to have their trucks wrapped to help promote the business, but they can also be done just to show off special artwork or to create an amazing design. Almost any design can be done on any truck, so there’s really no limit to the creativity that can be used to create the wrap. 

What Is A Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a series of vinyl pieces that adhere to the exterior of any vehicle. The vinyl is cut to fit the truck exactly and designed in a way that it can be easily seen by anyone who passes the vehicle. Truck owners can create and use any design they’d like for the wrap, and many business owners will use their logo or other important information to help promote the business. Anyone can add a wrap to their truck, though, no matter the goal. 

Is Wrapping A Truck A Good Idea?


Vehicle Wrap - vehicle wraps idaho falls


Wrapping a vehicle doesn’t cause any damage, can be easily removed as needed and can be used as a powerful tool for local promotions. There aren’t downsides to wrapping a truck, so it can be an excellent option. It’s less expensive than having the truck painted, and since it can be removed if needed, it’s a great alternative for those who want the benefit of a custom paint job without the downsides. 

Top Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps

One of the primary reasons drivers wrap a vehicle is for the promotion of a business, but there are other benefits, too. The wrap will help protect the truck from damage, keeping it in excellent condition for as long as the wrap is in place. This can help those who want to maintain the resale value of the truck, as it will look the same as it did before the wrap was applied. Wraps are an excellent value, too, since they look amazing but don’t cost as much as a new coat of paint. 

How Long Does A Wrap Last On A Truck?

In most cases, a wrap will last around five years on a truck. Most wraps last between two to seven years, and the care the wrap receives can have an impact on this. To keep the wrap looking good for as long as possible, park in the shade when feasible and avoid strong chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or high pressure. Wash the vehicle regularly during the winter to remove salt from the roads if there is snow. Wraps will last longer if they are professionally installed and designed with the specific truck in mind. Expert installers can provide more advice on caring for the wrap to ensure it lasts as long as possible. 

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Big Truck?

The cost of wrapping a truck will vary based on a few factors. Larger trucks can cost more to wrap simply because more vinyl is used. There are different types of wraps available, and the cost of the materials can vary based on which one is used. If the wrap is more complex, it may cost more, as well as when multiple layers are needed to create the perfect design. If additional prep work is needed to prepare the truck for the wrap beyond what is typically done, there may be added fees. It is possible to receive an estimate for the cost of wrapping a big truck, so there aren’t any surprises. 

Removing The Vehicle Wrap

Though wraps do last a while, they may need to be replaced at some point. After a year or two, the information for a business may need to be updated, which will mean a new wrap. It is always best to have the wrap professionally removed to prevent damaging the vehicle’s paint. Done right, there is no risk of harm to the truck. The professionals will know how to remove the wrap properly and can add on a new wrap at the same time if desired. 

Getting a wrap can be an excellent idea if you’d like to promote your business or show off a design you’ve created. The results can be stunning once the wrap is applied, and it’s a great way to protect the body of the vehicle from sun damage and other risks. If you’re interested in having a truck wrap put on your vehicle, start thinking about the design you might want and get an estimate today.

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