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Take your business on the road with a customized Idaho Falls vehicle wrap from iFsigns. Think about the hours you spend behind the wheel. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people see your car or truck every day in Idaho Falls, ID, and beyond. These are perfect opportunities to increase your brand awareness.

Vehicle Wrap - vehicle wraps idaho falls
Vehicle Wrap - vehicle wraps idaho falls

Customized by your own design

Every Idaho Falls vehicle wrap is customized with your branding. We’ll discuss colors, logo use, and more with you as we assess the job and provide you with an estimate. The design options are endless. We will wrap any vehicle. Cars, trucks — individual or fleets, semis, even helicopters! Our precision application process is fast and flawless. We can cover your vehicle partially or completely with high-quality adhesive digital vinyl that’s treated so it’s scratch and chemical-resistant and has UV protection!

Your advertising will reach further —and your advertising dollars will stretch further— than ever as you take your brand to the streets! You will reach everyone who sees your vehicle driving by, sitting in traffic, or even when it’s parked. Some businesses benefit simply by parking a wrapped vehicle in front of their business!

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