3 Of The Best Places To Show Off Your Decals

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One of the most adaptable marketing tactics you can employ is decals. Even in this day and age, when online advertising has taken over the market, sticker marketing can still create fresh opportunities for advertising. For instance, politicians often use bumper stickers to spread their views to potential voters. It goes without saying that companies have been using sticker marketing for more than 50 years, using them for guerilla marketing strategies, outdoor advertising, and freebies.

What Is A Decal?


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Decals are essentially decorative stickers, typically used outdoors. Decal stickers can be applied to many surfaces because they are made of paper on the front, the decal itself, and the back. A design for a decal or sticker for an automobile, for instance, will be printed using eco-solvent printing method. They are typically printed on vinyl, though UV over laminate may also be used. Cars, water bottles, laptops, and other smooth surfaces can all have decals. Decal can be printed or cut forms. Print cut vinyl stickers might have pictures and patterns on them, or they can just be one solid color.

Can You Put Decals Anywhere?


Yes, you can usually stick them just about everywhere. You might be constrained, though, by the decal’s quality and type. For instance, only premium vinyl stickers that are water-resistant will withstand exposure to the elements. There can also be issues with removing decals. Cheaper products could be difficult to remove and may leave a residue. Decals made of 3M vinyl are simple to remove and don’t leave any residue.

So, how should your decals collection be displayed? We have a ton of original ideas in store.

The Best Ways to Display Your Decal Collection


High quality custom decals are highly durable, almost waterproof, long-lasting, and scratch resistant, which is one of their best qualities. These characteristics allow vinyl stickers to be applied to any surface that you may imagine, even on outdoor surfaces!

On the Car’s Bumper


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A car bumper is one of the traditional spots for decals. . The vehicle bumper sticker has established itself as the de facto forum for social and political viewpoints because it is clever and provocative. Beyond that, though, the car bumper stickers are great branding opportunities.

Consider your bumper stickers as mobile mini-billboards that might possibly reach an endless audience. Use them on the fleet vehicles for your business, especially if you offer delivery services. You may even give them to your staff so they can promote your company wherever they go. 

On the Packaging of A Product



A product packaging may even determine whether a customer buys your product directly from you if there is no distributor. You should be careful in how you use it to get their attention.

You may highlight vital sales information about your item on the package for potential clients by using stickers. You might include your product’s most interesting features, ingredients, or even usage guidelines. Incorporating custom labels in your product design will catch the attention of your customers, so make use of it.

At Company Events and Trade Shows


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Who doesn’t like free stuff? Every time You attend sponsored events, We personally enjoy the gifts. It proves that the business is thoughtful enough to make the attendees feel unique. When a company has memberships, this is twice as effective. Your community’s members take great pride in being a part of it.

Custom stickers allow you to become a part of your customers’ identities while also allowing them to become a part of yours.

Your Trusted Custom Decals Maker in Idaho Falls


IF Sign is your one-stop shop for Idaho Falls sign design. We aimed at providing high-quality custom decals, excellent customer care, and total client satisfaction. From day one, our sign design and manufacturing experts collaborate with you to ensure that you receive the personalized attention required to ensure that your needs are met. We are committed to providing you with whatever you require to satisfy your specific business and marketing objectives. We are extremely competent in logo and sign design, floor decals, wall decals, graphics, 3-D routed dimensional signage and many more!

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