The Importance of Visual Branding

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Idaho Falls SignsThere is a lot that goes into business branding — including Idaho Falls signs. You may be surprised just how many factors contribute to a business’s overall representation to its customers, either current or potential. Think of the way Hershey’s Kisses is wrapped – that’s a form of branding. The sound your Apple laptop makes when you turn it on? Also branding. And yes, these have all been copyrighted to protect these brands and keep them unique in the market.

Visual branding is one of the most important forms of branding. It’s what burns your business on a visual level into people’s minds so they recognize you immediately. The best visual branding strategies create an emotional reaction in people via shapes, colors, and designs.

3 Visual Branding Essentials

1 – Making Your Mark

Your logo represents your business and all products and/or services it offers in a single, simple logo. Note the keyword “simple” – that’s what it needs to be: minimalistic. But minimalism isn’t just “doing as little as possible”, it’s about doing the most with as little as possible.

Creating a logo is a painstaking process. A lot of time and effort needs to go into finding the right design. Make it simple, but also make sure it represents your business to a T.

2 – Setting the Right Colors

The color palette you use is just as important as the logo symbol itself. As stated above, visual branding is about creating an emotional appeal. Every color can elicit different emotions, and different colors together only increase that range of potential emotions.

You need to think about what kind of emotions you want to elicit in people. Do you want people to think of you as a professional? Corporate? How about quirky? 

You can get an idea of what colors create which emotions here.

3 – Typography

This is all about your font. Again, this is going to elicit some kind of reaction in people, even an emotional one. The right mark and color scheme, combined with the font, can perfectly represent your business to people.

You can get an idea of different fonts for different moods here.

How To Decide On Your Visual Brand

    • Define your target audience. Who are you trying to appeal to? You should be able to envision how a skateboard shop’s visual brand is going to differ from a new age occult store’s visual brand. Now, as different as they both are, consider how similar they would be compared to an attorney’s office or a business consulting firm.
    • Know your mission as a business. You need a clear picture of what you want to give to your clients, what you want to change for them, and how you are going to improve their lives. Furthermore, you need to remember why you believe these are valuable goals. Finally, know what you stand for as a business.
    • Know your brand personality. If your business was a single person, what would he or she be like?

Once You’ve Decided On Your Visual Brand, Here’s How IF Signs Can Help

Now that you’ve finally completed your visual brand, the next step is to get it out in the world for all to see. You can do this via a number of different mediums, including:

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