How To Create & Place Signs To Attract Customers

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Creating Signs That Draw Attention

The Right Color Scheme

idaho falls sign companiesYour color scheme helps convey your brand’s identity, so there’s plenty of customization opportunities to play around with. That said, you also need to focus on contrast—you don’t want your color scheme to turn into a blob of greys and blues, light browns and yellows, etc. You’ll hear this from any of our local Idaho Falls sign companies—contrast is essential.

It’s all about riding that knife-edge of personal identity and catering your sign to what will appeal to your target audience.


Contrast determines readability. 

Most signs feature a mixture of text and graphic elements with a consistent background color. Having a clear, sharp contrast between the foreground and background, as well as the elements within the sign, is crucial for readability. 

But remember: if factors determine that you have to use a color scheme that offers weak contrast, you can always strengthen it with sharp outlines or shadowing in the right areas.

Go Big Or Go Home

The larger the lettering in your sign, the easier it will be to read. 

This factor is especially important when it comes to roadside signage like billboards or banners. People only have so long to look at a sign while they’re driving—they’re bound to not bother with it if they have to squint.

The Right Signs For Business Advertising

Now that you have an idea of how to make your sign, let’s talk about what kinds of signs you should be focusing on.

Vehicle Wraps

idaho falls sign companiesWe’re one of the few Idaho Falls sign companies that make vehicle wraps, and we’re finding them increasingly popular.

The reason is simple: it turns your vehicle into a mobile advertisement for your business. 

This is especially convenient if you own a business that requires you to travel to your customers—lawn maintenance, extermination, home repair, etc.

Placement is easy and best of all, it’s not permanent. You can have it replaced or removed whenever you want.

It also helps protect your vehicle from all the dents and scrapes that naturally come with driving around.


Depending on your business type, a banner (or a variety of them) is an excellent thing to have outside your building. We’re one of the Idaho Falls sign companies that can make that happen.

Banners can be used to:

  • Indicate to drivers passing by what kind of business you are
  • Give crucial details—new deals, sales, changes, etc.
  • Provide contact information
  • Promote your business
  • Improve overall brand awareness

Traditional Billboards

You can’t go wrong with a good billboard, provided you know where to place it.

Many Idaho Falls sign companies can offer advice on this. Essentially, you want to consider the different commuters who take the same highway or street to work every weekday.

In the digital age, there is one thing physical branding can do that the majority of branding can’t—be clicked out of!

Take advantage of this and get your billboard set up in the right location to attract the customers you need.

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